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What is fashion without passion?  A day we don’t want when our fashion must make a statement.  The joy of turning heads and commanding attention makes selecting fashions worth the time.  At the Lady Davis Boutique we want our customers to raise their style and enhance their profile in our carefully selected high quality fashion and accessories. Our motto: we want you to dress Hip, fabulous, chic and unique so come on over to the Lady Davis Boutique

Valerie Jean Davis, is a native Chatham resident born and raised in the very community that she is building her first business.  From her early years, Valerie has always loved the flair of fashion.  She places great emphasis on the art of being a woman and believes all women should accentuate what nature gave them.  This is the focus of her fashion boutique and her vision for “building self esteem through fashion”.

The Lady Davis Boutique has in its name the essence of its existence. The belief that as women we are always and foremost “ladies first.  When you want to bring out the ”Diva” in you, the Lady Davis Boutique will be your one-stop-shop to enhance your style and profile.

I love to shop and dress, but more importantly, I love to display my own personal style.  My boutique is designed with the client in mind because I know all ladies desire to dress hip, fabulous, chic and unique and we plan to feature many one-of-a-kind clothing items.

One of the most important issues I want to address is how the boutique can be a blessing to the community.  We have several items on our community affairs agenda.  This includes the hiring of students, an active designer’s corner program. This is where we feature the fashions of local African-American designers.  We also will have a Ladies First Fashion Club, that will focus on redefining the image of young African-American women.

In addition, we plan to sponsor theatrical productions from local playwrights and get involved in Fashion show events.  We are hoping our presence is meaningful to the community we serve.

Lady Davis Boutique

Welcome to my world of passion for your fashion!


About Lady Davis Boutique

Valerie J. Davis is a Fashionpreneur and owner of the Lady Davis Boutique located in the Chatham community in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys the art of choosing fashion not only for my self but for others. The mission of Lady Davis Boutique is to help build the self-esteem of women by providing quality fashions at affordable prices so that all women where every they may go can "look the part" and display outwardly the beauty they feel inside.

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